Our Story


Sandsliders was born from the over-active mind of professional tennis coach Lee Cowan, as he watched young families trying to push their pushchairs on a beach in Gran Canaria.

As he watched moms and dads use brute force, this simply buried their pushchair deeper and deeper in the sand, some turned their pushchairs backwards and tried dragging through the sand with predictable failure, with the baby inevitably waking up crying, resulting in the family day out being anything but fun!

Over the next two years, in between coaching topspin backhands and slice serves, Lee developed numerous prototypes in an attempt to solve this frustrating problem, it was at this point he was joined in his quest by an old family friend and entrepreneur, Dean Mortimer. Dean added business experience to the mix and the result is the Sandslider, a high-quality recyclable polypropylene attachment designed to fit all pushchairs under 50cm. The Sandslider attaches in seconds, and turns a cumbersome pushchair into a sand-skimming vehicle of ease.

The Sandslider is designed with parents in mind. The Sandslider is pretty much indestructible, but also environmentally friendly. Dean sourced a wonderful company in the UK (Better Pathways), which trains and employs people with mental health problems, to make the Sandslider.

Sandsliders in manufactured using high quality ethically sourced components and has been safety feasibility reviewed. The Sandslider has been made to fold in half, is light for travel needs and is proven to work equally well on snow, pebbles, gravel, campsites, muddy grass and a whole host of other pram-unfriendly surfaces.

We love the way Sandsliders has evolved and are immensely proud of the way it has been received by parents who recognise the problem that a Sandslider solves.  We hope you like it too?

Corporate and Social responsibility, environmental and business ethics are extremely important to the Directors of Sandsliders. Consequently, Sandsliders not only support the generation of employment opportunities through its relationship with Better Pathways but also make donations to Cancer Research UK and the Plastic Oceans Foundation.

Apart from the great work that the Plastic Oceans Foundation does to protect our oceans, my late father Richard Cowan and his best friend Dean Mortimer who is now my business partner in Sandsliders loved to Scuba Dive. Both achieved Instructor qualifications with NAUI, SAA and BSAC and established the DRP Dive Club. Richard and Dean taught visually impaired students for the RNIB and just about anybody that wanted to learn. I feel protecting the ocean’s is a legacy he would have been proud of his family and friends contributing to.